donderdag 12 juni 2014

Highest point

"Can you please prepare a short speech for next week to celebrate the fact that we are reaching the highest point ?"
- "What ?!?"

Only a few weeks ago we were still walking around in an empty basement. And now we have reached the highest point of a 2700m2 three floor office ? I must admit I was not expecting this question so soon after we started construction.

The building speed is truly amazing with this system. Every day I walk around now I find myself in new rooms. Only last night the top floor consisted of two spaces only. This afternoon I nearly got lost finding my way back to the stairs.

The German assembly team of Rombach Nur Holz are doing an incredibly fast and professional job. They were not at all slowed down by last weekend's theft of 30.000 Euro worth of building tools. They just drove to the nearest professional tool store (in Germany...) and continued.

The water of last weekend is already gone. The wood dries very fast in this weather and there are no signs of lasting damage. Roofing starts next week.

Still on schedule and on budget.

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